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PRESS -  Academy Awards - February, 2016
"Jan Peyser Jewelry—This designer was so lovely about gifting her dazzling jewelry! She let each guest choose his or her own piece, so it was no wonder that her table was constantly populated by the crowd—no one could decide among all that beauty! 
Jan works in argentium silver and mixed metals, and her Athena Opera necklace was among my faves."

"Jan Peyser gifted each of us with one of her stunning handmade necklaces, all of which she designs herself." 

"Jewelery designer Jan Peyser gifted celebrities and press with mixed-metal Crystal Glow necklaces. 
Her higher-end pieces are inspired by elements of nature—tropical birds and exotic orchids forged in 
sterling silver and embellished with pastel-coloured pearls. These works of wearable art have a one-of-a-kind feel.

"Jan Peyser Jewelry Crystal Glow Earrings are the perfect versatile, subtle and sophisticated splash of bling made by the lovely artisan Jan Peyser. She is such a delightful woman who is noticeably passionate about her craft, and after seeing that I am a girl who is ‘all about the sparkle’, she was excited to gift me with these sweet Swarovski diamond crystal earrings. Love!"  Romy Raves

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